Getaway from it all !

New experiences...

Bike tour

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Discover Lavaux

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Going to a wine tasting

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Bike tour

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... Hiking between sky and earth, along one of the many winegrowers' paths between Lutry and Vevey.


... Walking the pilgrim's path (Via Francigena) from Canterbury to Rome or the Caminos de Santiago to Spain, for a few miles or all the way.


... Or if you prefer speedier exercise, taking part in the Lausanne Marathon in September.

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... Riding your bike along the Swiss bike trail no 1 or your electric bike along the Swiss heart route through the most beautiful areas of Switzerland's alpine foothills.


... Boarding the Lavaux Express to discover the vineyards and small villages with a guide on a discovery tour or a wine tasting tour: Lavaux Express


... Taking the mountain train to Rochers-de-Naye in Montreux or Caux on a cloudless sunny day and enjoy the ride, the view and the groundhogs (marmot) at 6,000 feet: this is really breathtaking: Golden-Pass


… Unless you would rather learn more about winemaking, watch a video on the four seasons of a winegrower in the Vinorama in Rivaz, before you take part in a wine tasting session and try one of the many local wines on sale: Lavaux-Vinorama


... Or simply look into one of the Caveau des Vignerons in Cully, Riex, Epesses, and other locations. There you can rest from your active holiday and try one of the local wines served by the winemaker himself. Santé !